February 3, 2019

Our Love Story Part Three: The Breakup

We all have our own story.  We all come from different walks of life.  Just as each couple has their own love story.  One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is meeting with a newly engaged couple and hearing their love story.  They are so excited to share how they met and how he proposed.  They usually each have their own version of their story too.  I never tire of hearing their love stories.  Often couples ask me about my love story with Farmer J.  So I have decided to share our love story with you, from “Hello” to “I do”.

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I was head over heels for this older college man, Farmer J!  I was nervous that I would not be great at talking on the phone (introvert!), so I would brainstorm topics to talk about prior to our phone call.  Yes, I am this dorky!  (We had to call to talk; texting was not a thing yet!). 

We continued to see each other in the evenings after Farmer J finished his “bug job”.  (This was not the official job title.  Farmer J checked traps for insects in orchards to inform farmers on how their trees were looking and to advise farmers on what steps to take next.)  There were some nights that we would go to dinner and a movie, and Farmer J then had a 30-minute drive home, and then he had to get up four hours later for his bug job. 

Unfortunately, this was not where our happily ever after took off.  Farmer J broke up with me!  His excuse (my words, not his!) was that it was too hard to have a relationship and his very time-consuming bug job.  I was heartbroken.

Farmer J’s View:  I remember having a new job that was very time-consuming.  I was in college, and Amber was still in high school.  I honestly felt like it was a little weird to be dating a high schooler.

Farmer J claims I broke up with him the following summer, but I do not recall us ever even going on a date during this time period.  I do remember finishing a shift at a Chinese restaurant, Wok-N-Roll, as a waitress and being surprised to see a missed call from Farmer J. (On my new Nokia cell phone!)  When I called him back, he invited me to go watch dirt bike racing in the town of Red Bluff.  Unfortunately, I was scheduled to work the day of the event; and I may have still been slightly sour about him breaking up with me the previous summer.

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  1. Tiffany Doolittle says:

    So cute! What fun menories

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  3. […] Our Love Story, Part Three: The Breakup […]

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