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New Year Goals of 2021 Last year, I had two main goals or resolutions.  They were to pray daily from my knees and to capture a family picture each Sunday.  I loved when we dressed up, but I was happy with everyone in pajamas.  I just wanted to capture more family pictures with me in […]

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New Year 2021 Goals | Our Love Story

New Year 2021 Goals

We had hoped to be in Almanor for our fourteenth wedding anniversary pictures, but we sheltered at home over the Fourth of July holiday.  Upper Bidwell Park was the perfect location to document this time in our lives.  We were able to add in some family and maternity pictures during this session as well.  I […]

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Maternity Family Session in Upper Bidwell Park | Amber + Jason

Amber + Jason Upper Bidwell Park

The Camp Fire broke out on November 8, 2018.  This was our final day at Disneyland.  As we were getting ready in the morning, we heard from a friend that a fire had broken out in Paradise.  We initially did not think much of it as we figured it would be put out and probably […]

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Enos Disneyland Vacation Disneyland & California Adventure

This is a five-part introduction series from social media and all saved on my blog.  These Friday Introductions are of myself and my family.  I have maybe only ever done one #fridayintroduction and I figured it is time to update you on myself and my family members.  I bet we have more in common than […]

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Friday Introductions Our Love Story

I just returned from a once in a lifetime vacation with my mom and my father’s side of the family to the Azores Islands.  No children!  I have never been away from Farmer J or my children for this amount of time.  We spent ten days in the Azores with two of my aunts, their […]

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Azores Islands Açores | Our Love Story

I love to learn about the good things my family members and friends have.  You know that moment when they ask, “Have you heard of  _____?  Oh, it is my new favorite thing!  I cannot live without it.”  It is a guilty pleasure to me, so I have decided to share some of my favorite GOOD […]

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Good Things Native Natural Deodorant

Good Things Good Things | Our Love Story

Years ago, my father’s side of the family would come to our house for Easter.  Imagine my sister and me in fancy Easter dresses.  As I got older, I think I started to wear my tennis shoes to run more quickly during the egg hunt.  After my grandparents passed away, this Neves Easter tradition faded. […]

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Neves Easter Chico | Our Love Story

The week before Easter Sunday, we celebrated an early Enos Easter with Farmer J’s side of the family.  This includes his immediate family, not his large Enos side of his family.  We have learned through the years, that we all enjoy the celebration so much more if we dedicate one day where we can relax, enjoy […]

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Enos Easter Chico | Our Love Story

Last week, we took some spur of the moment pictures at a wheat field near our house. We thought it was just a grassy field until Farmer J inspected it and shared with us that it was wheat.  We were all a little surprised.  The big kids could not believe that a wheat field was […]

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Wheat Field, Wildflowers, Spring Family Session

Amber + Kids Wheat Field | Our Love Story

I love to have our family’s pictures taken!  I enjoy seeing updated pictures in frames throughout the house.  BUT, the wardrobe takes a lot of energy and planning.  Yogi has to be prepped that he only has to be dressed up for a short amount of time. (He brings a change of clothes in the car.)  Fish needs […]

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Spring Almond Blossoms Family Portraits

Amber + Jason Almond Blossoms | Our Love Story



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