July 7, 2021

Amber + Jason 15 Year Vow Renewal

Farmer J, we have been married for 15 years. 15 years! I have known you for just about half of my lifetime. Who would have guessed that those babies 15 years ago would have four children of their own today? You are a better father than I could have ever dreamed of for our children. You put up with surprise dogs and cats coming home. You do not complain about packages at the door. You may not know it, but I use you as the reason for the kids to clean up before you come home. They must love you because you are not a scary person when the house is messy.
I joked the other day at your mom’s house about how I wish we could renew our vows and I would include some of the quirks I did not know about you when we married 15 years ago. Here you go:
I vow to let you blow off the front and back yards as often as needed. (Whether it needs it or not.) in exchange, when I beat you to mowing the lawn, I want you to continue to tell me that you already had plans to mow it after work.
I vow to continue to have the opposite body temperature than you for the rest of our lives. There is nothing like trying to cuddle you in bed to get warm, only to find out that you are on top of the sheets. For those odd times that I am the hot one, I am expecting you to be cold.
I vow to allow you to leave your dirty dishes on the stove and I will continue to cut up fruit for dinner and not put it back in the fridge. I will try not to gulp down your whole glass of water, but it is just too good.
May you forever be the person that answers the unknown phone number with confidence and I will continue to shutter in fear and avoid answering the phone. (I would like for you to call in the food orders and pick them up too.)
I love that you are environmentally conscious and you save water during the drought by never washing your truck. I will try to do my part by not washing my hair.
I hope that you continue to not close the garage door because this way the snakes and spiders can come inside the garage and then make their way into the house. Every time you leave the garage door open, I promise to make the most basic and boring quesadillas for dinner.
I vow to continue to forget about my hot turned cold coffee and I hope that you will forever take one bite of pizza and put it back in the fridge.
I hope that in the next 15 years, we make more spur the moment trips, host plenty of summer barbecues with family and friends, love these days with her babies, and love each other. I think we should make date night a thing. I mean more than Valentine’s Day and our anniversary.
Happy Anniversary, Farmer J. I love you!

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Anniversary Session Fourth of July,
Anniversary Session Fourth of July,
Anniversary Session Fourth of July,
Anniversary Session Fourth of July,
Anniversary Session Fourth of July,
Anniversary Session Fourth of July,
Anniversary Session Fourth of July,
Anniversary Session Fourth of July,
Anniversary Session Fourth of July,

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