June 11, 2019

Five Dream Wedding Vendors Tips | Wedding

Couples often ask me about which wedding vendors I recommend for their wedding day.  There are many wonderful vendors out there that will take wonderful care of you on your special day.  I am providing you with five vendors that are a dream to work with on the wedding day.  They are very well organized and great communicators.  If Farmer J and I were to get married again, I would trust them with our wedding.

1) Wedding Planner

Hiring either a full-event planner or just a “day-of” coordinator can be very helpful. Brides realize very quickly that if they do not have someone in charge of the coordination of the day, that responsibility will automatically fall on the Mother of the Bride, the photographer, or the BRIDE!  It is so important to make this a priority.

Lynnette with Hearts and Roses (pictured directly below), Ashley with North State Events (pictured lower on the left) and Brittany with Britt Morgan Events (pictured lower on the right) are all amazing wedding coordinators.  Each of these ladies schedules the wedding day down to the minute.  They know where everything is located, when each vendor is arriving, and how the day should run.  You will not be disappointed with any of these ladies.

Ranch Garden Wedding Anderson California Pink Navy Rose Bouquet,
Dream Wedding Vendors Photo_0010.jpg

2) DJ

Before Farmer J and I got married, I had never realized how important the DJ’s role was at the reception.  I remember looking up songs on iTunes and highlighting the ones I wanted to be played at our wedding.  I did not realize that the DJ we hired was going to play ONLY the songs I highlighted.  I was not an expert in music, and I wanted him to be able to look out on the dance floor and know what songs would get everyone dancing.  Fortunately, we had a wonderful dancing crowd that was easy to please.

The Wedding DJ Company

The Wedding DJ Company does an excellent job of keeping the reception going (moving from the toasts to the cake cutting to first dances), makes the reception FUN, and keeps the party going.  The Wedding DJ Company are excellent communicators, extremely organized, and they know exactly what the couple wants during their reception.  If you want your guests to enjoy their time at the reception, hire The Wedding DJ Company.Centerville Estate California Wedding Butte Creek Pink and Grey,
Dreamy Spring Almond Orchard Wedding Durham California Burgundy Blush Gold,
Centerville Estate California Wedding Butte Creek Pink and Grey,

3) Cake

Couples are getting very creative with their desserts for their guests at the reception.  I have seen anything from macaroons, cupcakes, s’mores, candies, doughnuts, and ice cream.  Even with all of these yummy and creative desserts, do not forget about your cake, even if it is just for the two of you to share.  Plus, it is a tradition your grandparents will love to see at your reception.

The very first time I met Susie with Cupcake Obsession, she was slowing walking down the steep stairs at Centerville Estate while carrying a cake in her arms.  I photographed her coming down the stairs to show the bride and groom all that she was going through to get their gorgeous cake safely to the cake table for their reception.  Susie creates the most beautiful and tasty cakes!  If you want beautiful detail shots to be included in your reception pictures, talk to Susie.

Centerville Estate California Wedding Butte Creek Pink and Grey,
Centerville Estate California Wedding Butte Creek Pink and Grey,

4) Florals

There are so many expenses when it comes to wedding planning.  If you are having trouble making a decision about your florals, I recommend making your bridal bouquet a big priority.  The bridal bouquet is a focal point for me when it comes to your photography, and so I highly recommend getting your DREAM bouquet.

Pam with Cambray Rose has delivered gorgeous bouquets for my couples and me.  I have ordered bouquets last minute, and Cambray Rose comes through with stunning bouquets every single time.  Not only are their bouquets beautiful, but Pam is a wonderful person who loves creating floral arrangements.

Dream Wedding Vendors Photo_0016.jpg
Canyon Oaks Country Club Golf Course Chico California Engagement Floral Bouquet,

5) Catering

By dinnertime, everyone is hungry and needs some good food in their stomachs.  Special Times Catering has never disappointed to satisfy the hungry!  My sister-in-law used them at her wedding, and we had them for our rehearsal dinner.  (We had to use the venue’s catering service, or else we would have had them at our wedding as well.).  They were also our very first call for my father’s celebration of life.  We have also had many family and friends use Special Times for their weddings.  When I call with questions about all of our food allergens we need to watch out for, they are patient and kind with me.  I really appreciate them for that.  When I hear that Special Times will be the caterer at a wedding, I think I must do a sigh of relief every time.Dreamy Spring Almond Orchard Wedding Durham California Burgundy Blush Gold,
Dreamy Spring Almond Orchard Wedding Durham California Burgundy Blush Gold,

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  1. Susie Rees says:

    Thank you for the shout out! It’s been a pleasure working weddings with you and I look forward to more in the future!

  2. Brittney says:

    You are too sweet Amber! Love working with you and seeing you capture the wedding day so beautifully! xoxo

  3. Pam says:

    Thank you amber ! We do love what we do and working with you is always great!! Brides need to understand if they have a team that’s there for each other their end result is always better. Thanks for being you !!!

  4. Ashley Smith says:

    I really appreciate you posting North State Events as a preferred vendor! We love working with you and look to many more events in the future!

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