January 28, 2019

Our Love Story Part Two: The First Date

We all have our own story.  We all come from different walks of life.  Just as each couple has their own love story.  One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is meeting with a newly engaged couple and hearing their love story.  They are so excited to share how they met and how he proposed.  They usually each have their own version of their story too.  I never tire of hearing their love stories.  Often couples ask me about my love story with Farmer J.  So I have decided to share our love story with you, from “Hello” to “I do”.

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A couple of days after we first met, Farmer J asked me out to ice cream. We went to Baskin-Robbins, and it was a buy one scoop and get one scoop free day. Farmer J remembers that I got some ridiculous Shrek green and purple ice cream with candies. He was thinking I was a little odd at that moment! Even though there was conversation throughout eating ice cream, I was not getting any vibe from him about whether he liked me or not. Maybe it was my ice cream selection!

After ice cream, we went next-door to peruse the new movies at Blockbuster. While we were browsing the movie titles, I still was not getting clues from Farmer J about what he thought of me until he slow-motion brushed his shoulder with my shoulder as he passed by me to look at a movie. I remember thinking, “He likes me!”.

We had to do an early second date, because I had my high school Senior Awards Night that evening. We ventured to the Silver Dollar Fair and only the animals were available to view. I showed Farmer J my love for the pig barn. I made him touch the pigs. Did you know that pigs’ ears are soft? I am not sure what Farmer J thought of me and my love for pigs! After the pigs, we washed our hands; and then Farmer J treated me to Taco Bell before I had to be back home for the awards night.  Sounds the perfect ingredients a happily ever after, right?

Our Love Story Part Two The First Date_0002.jpg

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