February 14, 2019

Rainstorm for Valentine’s Day Our Love Story

Let me just say that this was, for certain, our least romantic Valentine’s Day to date. When we moved into our home three years ago, Farmer J was very hesitant to make the move because the neighborhood had flooded in the late 90s. This means that every rainstorm, Farmer J is constantly watching the forecast and checking the water level on our property. I mean ALWAYS checking the forecast!

Chico had a massive rainstorm over Valentine’s Day. Farmer J woke me up at 4 am to say that the water behind our house was the highest he had ever seen it. (He had only slept in 20-minute increments to check on the water.) The night before, he was walking the street. He intended to nap, but during a routine walk around the neighborhood, he spotted water coming down the road. He notified our neighbors and they shared from their previous flooding experience, that this was not a good sign! Farmer J made me pack up an overnight bag for the kids and to organize a game plan for our pets.

Once the water receded, we were exhausted. We had no dinner plans (of course I did not have anything prepared!!), so Farmer J whipped up chicken and roasted vegetables. I fought sleep as I tried to finish my glass of wine and we both were asleep on the couch before the big kids.

I am sure we will open the gifts that are still sitting on the table this evening and stay awake as we toast our wine (or whiskey) glasses.

Happy Valentine’s to everyone, single, dating, married, separated, and possibly caught in a natural disaster.
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Rain Storm of 2019_0001.jpg
Rain Storm of 2019_0002.jpg

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