January 5, 2021

New Year 2021 Goals

New Year Goals of 2021

Last year, I had two main goals or resolutions.  They were to pray daily from my knees and to capture a family picture each Sunday.  I loved when we dressed up, but I was happy with everyone in pajamas.  I just wanted to capture more family pictures with me in them.  I was successful with both of these goals and I will continue with the Sunday pictures since I did not get much resistance (expect from Yogi!).  Below are my new goals for the year 2021:

  1. Start Meditating

Last year, I set a goal to pray on my knees every day. Although I was very successful with this, I found that I was often rushing through my prayers and I learned that what I needed was more quiet time spent on my prayer and time by myself.  Do you have any meditation app recommendations?

  1. Sleep

My current sleep routine is a very early bedtime with Hannah and I would like to keep this routine going.  I can function with less, but I have learned that eight to nine hours of sleep is heavenly. 

  1. Read (or for the first time, listen to) six books. 

I have not finished a book since the summer. I am just now feeling like I have time to read a book again and I want it to be a good one!  What is your top book recommendation?  Some of my favorites are Where the Crawfish Sing, Water for Elephants, Safe Haven, The Nightengale, and The Rumor.

  1. Complete Nancy Anderson’s Ab Rehab

After a third cesarean, I would like to strengthen my core and help my body recover. This program has been raved about and I am hoping for positive results. 

  1. Go on a date with Farmer J once a month (excluding planting and harvest season). 

I would love to make a date night once a week as the goal, but I am thinking that is not realistic for us at this moment in our lives. Maybe next year. 

  1. Wear My Retainer 

I am proud of my teeth.  I had braces in the eighth grade and I wore my retainer almost nightly until Katelynn was born. I then got out of the habit and found it no longer fit. After Carly was born, I returned to the orthodontist and requested a new retainer. Having a baby must throw me off because I need to wear it more consistently again. Both big kids are starting orthodontia work. I want to set a good example by wearing my retainer. 

  1. Mow the Lawn

I have yet to mow the lawn at our new house and we have been here for seven months!  Farmer J talked me out of mowing the lawn while pregnant to not induce early labor.  This was hard for me to argue with, but I do think this was his way of having him be the sole mower in the household.  It is time for me to gain back my role as the lawnmower.


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