September 20, 2019

Friday Introductions Our Love Story

This is a five-part introduction series from social media and all saved on my blog.  These Friday Introductions are of myself and my family.  I have maybe only ever done one #fridayintroduction and I figured it is time to update you on myself and my family members.  I bet we have more in common than you know.Friday Introductions_0002.jpg

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I am 36 years old. I am the wife to Farmer J. We met when I was 18 and we got married when I was 23. He broke up with me once. We have three funny children, two stubborn dogs, and two abnormally social cats. I am the main photographer, editor, email writer, and blogger of Amber Enos Photography. My favorite summertime drink is a gin and tonic. I know all of the words to Deana Carter’s Strawberry Wine. I drive a minivan. I am currently reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. My next read will be It All Comes Back to You by Beth Duke. I wash my hair every three days and use plenty of dry shampoo in-between. I do not like making school lunches. Half of my clothes are from Nordstrom and the other half are from Target and Costco. When I cry, it is in the shower or when I am alone in the car. I am trying to convince my mom to write a book about all of our experiences with my dad in his afterlife.

Spring Almond Blossoms Family Portraits Neutrals and Pink Floral Bouquet,

Farmer J

Farmer J is 38 years old. He is a 5th generation farmer. He is my favorite second shooter date for a wedding. He tends to sing instead of talk. He has an annoying sense of smell. He daydreams about home improvements. His reading material consists of only magazines and tends to complain when I open my book. He has lost his wedding ring twice and found it once. He still has shirts in his closet from his college days. He enjoys to stroll the aisles of Costco at a leisurely pace and buy their newest items. He has a truck that is dirty 99.9% of the time. Farmer J is a foodie that does not enjoy salmon or my basic cooking skills.

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B is eleven years old and in middle school. She is currently on volleyball and basketball teams. She has retired from gymnastics. She seems to be taller each morning. She enjoys creating art. She will dilly dally all morning long until we are heading out the door and then she will finally rush to get ready. She moves in slow motion in the morning. Example of our mornings: “B! Why are you still sitting on the floor in your pjs? Are you playing with beads? Get ready!” or “B! Now is not the time to rearrange the canvases on your wall. Get dressed!”.

Yellow is B’s preferred color this year for clothing, nail polish, and earrings. She is a foodie, and she will give you her opinion of her meal. She cannot tell you a quick story. She will tell you the WHOLE story. She loves pickles. She has a knack for applying her makeup to look light and natural. She is difficult to buy clothes for. She has her own unique style. B decided to stop the peanut desensitization over summer. It was mentally too difficult for her to consume a peanut.

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Yogi is eight years old.  He got his nickname from my father.  It suited him well because he would open up strangers’ ice chests and take whatever his heart desired from there.  Out of the three kids, he has the most intense, strong-willed, and Type A personality.  He wants things done now!  

He will aggravate and consistently irritate his sisters until they yell at him.  He sees that as a win in his book.  Even though he rocks at his brotherly roles, he is VERY caring and he has a big heart for young kids and babies.  

Yogi is the very proud owner of a tortoise, Repto.  He saved his money and bought this long-living reptile with his own money.  He is a fantastic tortoise daddy that feeds him daily and gives him a bath as needed.  He has loved to study and still enjoys facts on dinosaurs and reptiles.  Cars are his latest interest.  

Yogi does not like to be late.  He is our living clock.  I have to remind him that I do not wish to hear his constant countdown of minutes until we need to leave.  He definitely has some anxiety about being late!  That probably comes from my side of the family. 😉 


You can view of Our Love Story here and how we met here.

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